The administrative and business center Nurafshon Business City is one of the largest urban development projects being implemented in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The highest goal of the project is to bring the architecture of Uzbekistan to the world level and give the population of the Tashkent region new opportunities. A long and difficult path, full of new experience and outstanding discoveries, has finally led us to this project. There have been no projects of this scale in Uzbekistan yet. This is a big breakthrough. We have done a great job to design a unique city within a city.

Nurafshon Business City is the loudest and most famous project in the country. The country’s first largest administrative business with an area of 246 hectares. A truly innovative “city within a city”, where everything will be created for your comfortable life and business, new development prospects, better working conditions and interesting pastime.

Nurafshon Business City is not just the latest engineering know-how in the field of urban planning, it is a new style of comfortable life and business, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail — a technological project with efficient skyscrapers in the very center of the Tashkent region.

For the first time in Uzbekistan, the concept of mixed-use will be implemented here, which will create an ideal place for work, living and recreation. The project itself consists of 58 lots, each with a separate investor and developer. The work has been going on for over a year. High-rise buildings are growing rapidly, builders work in two shifts. The implementation of the project is under the constant control of the country’s leadership and is supported at the highest level.

The internal infrastructure makes NBC an independently functioning “city”, and your living in it is as equipped and thoughtful as possible. High-rise office buildings, hotels, apartments for living and superior comfort, shopping, medical and sports and fitness centers, kindergartens, schools, restaurants, cafes and a private park will be located here.