«Nurafshon Business City» hosted an event timed to coincide with the «Children’s Day» holiday.


Children's Day Event

Date: June 1, 2022

Venue: On the territory of Business City in the building of the Directorate

Organizers: State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate for the construction of Business City in Tashkent region"

Sponsors: JV SamAuto LLC provided a D-Max car for rolling children, Mittivoy LLC provided a set of toys for girls 60 pieces and 60 pieces for boys, SweetLab LLC provided sweet candies in the amount of 240 pieces.

From the side of the directorate, educational children's books were provided, a venue was organized with musical accompaniment.

The purpose of the event: congratulations to children from disadvantaged, low-income families

Children from Yangiobod MFY, Hurriyat MFY, Tuitepa MFY and Mukimiy MFY took part in the amount of 86 children. The age category was determined from 1 to 14 years.

According to the scenario, competitions were held among children for running "Merry Start", for guessing riddles and a quiz Answers to Questions, as well as a competition for the most expressive reading of poems. The parents of the children were also actively involved.

All children received prizes.

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