Murad Nazarov visited Nurafshon business city.

Оn August 7, under the chairmanship of the governor of Tashkent region Z.T.Mirzaev, a cooperation meeting was held with the participation of Murad Nazarov, the founder of one of the largest construction companies in our republic, Murad Buildings, in order to accelerate the implementation of the Smart City concept. At this meeting, a number of measures regarding the establishment of modern business and residential centers in the region were determined.  
The meeting was also attended by Kadir Akhmedov, the head of the NRG company, the deputy governor of the region for construction issues, and the leaders of relevant organizations related to the issue. The companies invited to the meeting expressed great interest in the concept of “Nurafshon business city”. During the meeting, urgent tasks to be carried out today were determined.